"Ability is nothing without opportunity" - Napoleon Bonaparte

Having originally grown up in the Midwest, I have been given many great opportunities to work in multiple locations within the continental US and abroad. There are hard working people in every corner of the globe experiencing stories of continued success. Every day that passes is a movement towards global unity and inclusion. Ever since I was young there was a drive in me to provide assistance to the adventurer, the risk taker, and the intrepid innovator. The 21st century is overloaded with access to revolutionary thinkers and it is with great satisfaction that I spend my career working in this era of enlightenment. The access to resources today is unlike anything that we have ever seen before in history and tomorrow will continue to exceed expectations in terms of the power wielded by the common man and woman.


Achievement in:
Fortune 50
Fortune 500
Small Public
Large Private
Small Private

Private Life

Military Studies
Competitive Gaming
Music and Art
Reading and Writing
Cooking dinner for the family


Bachelors in Accounting
Masters of Business Admin
Certified Public Accountant


Achievement in:
Operational Accounting
Production Finance
Public and Private Consulting
Organizational Consulting
Strategic Consulting
Systems Implementation
Internal and External Auditing
Income Taxation