Epic stories, great business lessons and all told in a way that makes me want to retake high school history.
— C. Mysner

What does Joan of Arc have to do with your modern mobile app product?

How does Genghis Khan relate to you as CEO of your own business venture?

Have you ever wondered if Julius Caesar would have been as prolific of a leader in our fast-paced times?

Why should we ignore the lessons from history just because we wage war using a smart phone while our ancestors used iron and steel?

These questions are at the heart of this book, a collection of forty gripping stories from world history, expanding upon the drama of the greatest characters from the past. Each chapter engages the reader to look at history through the eyes of a modern entrepreneur, driving relevant capitalist lessons from the stories of our ancestors.

This book has been written for all the different personalities that venture the entrepreneurial lifestyle. For those of us that love history, this book drives a historical viewpoint not explored before. For those of us that enjoy a good story, relish the attention to the characters and the drama that unfolds. For those of us that love business, be prepared to be taught relevant lessons from the blood, sweat and efforts of the powerful entrepreneurs that sowed the same success you so rightly pursue.