Episode 6 - "A symbol of Legacy"

Given recent events around Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, we were inspired to dig out our old literature on Gallic-Roman Paris. We discuss the legacy that Notre Dame has accumulated through the years, leading to a relevant comparison with our modern times. From Julius Caesar to Napoleon, we discuss how Notre Dame has been the embodiment of longevity in both brand and relevance.

Episode 5 - "From Chaos to Opportunity"

After the collapse of the Roman Empire. After the fall of the power of the church. No unity. Threats from all sides and within Western Europe. A pure chaotic environment, similar to a purely capitalistic industry. The ability to label the opportunity, take advantage of a small window and execute flawlessly. These are the traits that Charlemagne used to win a place at the table for legendary people.

Episode 4 - "The Ultimate Sacrifice"

D-day is by far the riskiest endeavor ever undertaken by the U.S. Military. Failure was a very real threat and it took some of the bravest men in our history to give it their all in order for the Allies to experience a victory on that one June day. Colonel Rudder and his Rangers were by far given the most risky and overwhelmingly challenging mission on D-day, to scale the cliffs on Pointe du Hoc under German fire. Their sacrifice literally meant the establishment of a beachhead on Utah and Omaha beaches, what does your daily sacrifice represent in the existence of your own personal goals

The Powerful Entrepreneur Episode 3 - "Betrayal, Desertion and Loss"

In this episode, we tell the tale of the great Roman Volscian conflict of the late Roman Kingdom period. This was an era of true heroics and degrading betrayal. When one man had the power to topple a millennium strong empire in a single act of vengeance. How does this compare to your current employee landscape and the power that each of your closest allies possesses over your organization? 

The Powerful Entrepreneur Episode 2 - "Money Leads to Chaos"

In this episode, we dive into Homer's Epic, The Odyssey. In this story, we demonstrate how Homer creates a dialogue around inciting chaos. In our modern world, we incite chaos in a different way but with all of the same results. We tie that chaos into everyday negotiations and how you can avoid the chaos.

The Powerful Entrepreneur Episode 1 - "Victory Through Defeat"

In this episode, we tell the epic story of Admiral Horatio Nelson and the Battle of Trafalgar. In the war-ravaged oceans of the Atlantic during the Napoleonic era, the loss of life was great. The need for the men and women to find strength was propelled due to the adversity of the times. In this podcast, we tell a grand story of strength and courage demonstrated by the generation fighting against the imperialist French under Napoleon.