Artillery Theory

Artillery Theory

Why a Cannon from the 18th century? The answer to this question is easy. The financial skills that millions of entrepreneurs attempt to master over a lifetime are practiced utilizing the same methods in much of the way that a cannon from the 18th century functioned within its role on a battlefield.

Military engagements during the 18th century were performed in three steps. 

One) Plan

Two) Position

Three) Execution

An entrepreneur operating a tech or development business in the 21st century with goals of high aspiration follows the exact same path of operation. Planning, Positioning and Executing.

Planning - During the 18th century a general would first need to obtain an awareness of the battlefield and the landscape upon which the battle will ultimately be conducted. The artillery needed to be placed into a position with a clear line of sight towards the enemy and in a place for optimum trajectory and effectiveness. An entrepreneur needs to understand where their financial arm should be placed within a business in order to ensure maximum data acquisition and delivery for use. Also financial structure needs to be planned out for the most effective future transaction consistency to remain uninhibited.

Position - Having a great plan is only 10% of the success equation. If a general had a hill for which he believed would provide his artillery with the greatest effective potential, the artillery crew would need to physically move the cannon into the desired position. If the hill was on an already occupied enemy position, infantry and cavalry would need to be requisitioned in order to make the hill a plausible artillery emplacement. A business is no different in the context of financial standing. Is the organization in a position to hire another full-time Android Mobile Developer? Is the organization far enough along in our second tier milestone in order to start preparing an Alpha Launch? Do we need to expend additional resources now in order to expand user base by 20% before the next investor session?

Execution - An artillery battery during a trial of execution is a game of physics, statistics, and physical production. Countless days of physical practice followed by countless evenings of mathematical assessment help to hone the skill and effectiveness of the artillery unit. Upon the moment of execution, the months of preparation and hard work display themselves poetically. A business is not an instrument of production if it does not execute effectively much like an artillery battery is nothing more than steal on wheels if it is unable to execute effectively. Internal functions such as accounting, production finance, cash flow management and data analysis are the 21st century equivalent of the ability to prepare for proper execution during your entrepreneurial initiatives.