Why is Production so important?

I am sitting here on this Sunday writing this article while sneezing, trying to ignore the chills and drinking a hot cup of some store bought miracle cure. Sickness is the antecedent of production and yet I find it so motivating to want to push through this illness and write an article about a topic I hold so dear. Production is by all means the greatest proponent of success and the single most important driver in achievement.

While it would seem apparent that production deserves the most credit in our daily struggle for completing a task, our society places production in the back seat and lets the imagery of creativity and innovation drive. Simply put, the heroes and heroines of our identity that have influenced us with their work are applauded by society because of their creative, innovative, groundbreaking and trend setting work. While the creatively potent component of our most beloved icon’s won our heart, their ability to turn conception into reality by focusing on production is what gives us the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Production and creativity must be kept under close scrutiny when attempting to be the paradigm of our trade or craft. Neither can inhibit the other and both must support the others cause. Switching from a creative mindset when all things are conceivable to a concrete practice of deriving texture out of the void of our playfulness. It is easy to be either creative or productive but only the true masters of our era will ever become champion of both.

It is obvious that creative ability is romanticized by our culture in every form of media. Whether your twitter post is of the work already completed or recapping on the success of a major endeavor by one of our favorite Instagram followers, the creative concept of their trade is what draws us into the fold of their world. Rarely do you see a picture of your favorite musical artist up at 4am in his or her pajamas fretting over a lyric or rhythm. We are given a smokescreen from the blood, sweat and tears of the iconic people in our lives all for the sake of the final result. We are so quick to embrace the creative component and yet shrill at the thought of the time necessary to produce such profound work.

                Optimum production requires five phases:

A tangible goal – It is impossible to enter into a productive stance without visualizing to a degree of an objective. Rushing into a project without a semblance of a finish line is at its very nature the pure form of creative playfulness.  The need to have a goal and to drive towards that goal is the foundation of your productive initiative.

Diligent execution – The necessary steps required to complete a task will begin to formulate once the conceptualization process has ended and the goal in the production cross-hairs has emerged. To complete a task diligently means to strive against all odds to achieve the goal to the highest degree possible. If your objective is true mastery over an intended project, there is no other way to act but with diligence.

Time and resources – No matter the task, project, goal or initiative, resources are going to play a vital role in the effort. Time is a very valuable resource and matches in worth compared to material factors. A pursued project without resources may as well crawl back into the creative hole that it was found because anyone anywhere can think of something cool without being willing to invest the resources to achieve it.

Trial, error and persistence – Let’s say we got past the creation phase, we have a solid plan and are willing to invest some resources into producing something. To embrace and not shy away from the mistakes that will be made on your journey is to find yourself exactly half-way through your journey. If you love and desire something enough, all of the difficulties associated with the endeavor will become warped into indulgence. It is at this point in the production process when your work becomes a passion and your job becomes your career.

Personal sacrifice – Now the next phase on your quest for production mastery over your conceptualized ideas is the acknowledgement of the personal sacrifices to come. It is easy to invest ‘known’ resources into a venture but it is entirely different to invest above and beyond the original expectation to complete a work. I will make a bet that no true master of any art form, science or skill-set was able to give exactly what they had anticipated giving in order to achieve legendary production status. Bare minimum doesn’t achieve maximum effect.

This topic is a great example of a “need to hear” vs “want to hear”. We receive pleasure from the hard work of others all while limiting our embrace solely to the creative talent that derived the original thought. The glamour that comes from the great achievements of our fellow man and woman does not derive origin from the same emotions you invest into the consumption process. The hard earned smiles of the consumer are earned through the relentless and tiresome months of the artisan.